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Export Books


Guide-to-Importing-and-Exporting low res-01A comprehensive guide to importing and exporting (108 pages).

Topics include – The International Trade Cycle, Managing Risk, Marketing, Setting Yourself Up Overseas, Safety Standards Overseas, Planning Your Transport Logistics, Incoterms, Financing, Insurance, Documentation and more!   Click here to order your copy now.


Dat-DAP MANUAL-01This electronic guide to the 2010 version of Incoterms® rules covers:

Description of the DAT and DAP terms

Rules governing use of the terms and what they cover

Buyer and Seller Responsibilities

Rules for International and Domestic contracts of sale

How to use the rules correctly

Risks associated with each term

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MADE EASY e-GUIDE to INCOTERMSR 2010 RULES CoverThe Made Easy e-Guide to Incoterms® 2010 Rules with its unique “Quick Reference Format” is a 77-page e-Guide to the 2010 version of Incoterms® and is an essential companion to the official ICC publication, Incoterms® 2010, which lists the rules and the obligations for Sellers and Buyers.

Do you already have the official ICC publication? Are you having difficulty working your way through all the detailed information in trying to figure out which rule best fits your trading situation? Or, have you been trying to Google the information with limited success?
This unique “Quick Reference Format,” will unable you to methodically and efficiently determine the appropriate Incoterms® rule to apply in any given situation.  Click here to order your copy. 



Export Books for Australia

IMPORTING AND EXPORTING TO AUSTRALIA LOW RES-01A comprehensive guide to importing and exporting to Australia (68 pages).

There are numerous favorable conditions for doing trade with Australia. However, there are also hurdles to new or inexperienced players in the market arising from the complexity of the regulatory regime and the fact that laws may vary between states and territories in Australia. This guide can help you navigate this complexity.

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comprehensive import export manual low res-01A comprehensive guide to importing and exporting for Australian Based Companies (133 pages).

This manual contains useful information on Australian Organizations, Government Departments, State Councils and Chambers of Commerce as well as Government assistance and useful Australian web links.

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