Giving to the IAEOU is not just about giving to a nonprofit organization, it is giving to an organization that educates and assists creative entrepreneurs to build innovative and creative businesses in the city of Chicago.  Giving a gift to the IAEOU gives Chicago creatives the skills, opportunities, network and abilities to begin and build their own businesses, which in turn strengthens the economy and making Chicago and the IAEOU a center for innovation and the arts!

If you are interested in learning more about IAEOU or would like a member of the development team to contact your business about our levels of membership, partnerships or sponsorship, please leave your information to under contact us.

Business Memberships

Opt to become a member by selecting one of our innovative Business Memberships! (Visit the Membership Levels Page to see what we offer)

Business Advertising Partnerships

Become an Advertising Partner with IAEOU and opt to donate to the IAEOU Annual Fund or cross promote IAEOU on your business materials, website and social media networks.

Chicago Creative Business Collaboration

The Chicago Creative Business Collaboration at IAEOU is a great option for your business if you are a for-profit company interested in a business connection with IAEOU to support our mission that is not exclusively a monetary donation.  This type of partnership is mutually beneficial for both your business and the IAEOU.   This collaboration between your business and the IAEOU means that your business offering anything from a service, series of events, and/or discount to our members as well as donating 25% or another agreed upon flat rate for any profit generating workshop or event you book and run at the IAEOU.

Business STEAM Partner

Become a Business STEAM Partner of the IAEOU if you are a professional in any field that intersects with entrepreneurship. This partnership consists of your business offering to teach workshops for members and the public and splitting the revenue with the IAEOU to contribute to our Annual Fund.