Our Export Accelerator program operates as a plug in program that can be delivered to accelerators, incubators, NGO’s, Universities, Chambers of Commerce and other organizations devoted to economic development.

There are 8 elements to our program.  

1. A partnership with a local program operator: Essential as partner has worked with the businesses, helps assess/recommend, has trust.

Benefits: program operator wants to see their graduates succeed (good PR/sales). 


2. Diagnostics: Export readiness and venture barometer used as part of the admission and assessed at key milestones including graduation.

Benefits: provides quantitative insights and impact to: business, program partners, and IAEOU  


3. Local Export Accelerator Manager: Personal contact to tailor support for each business; it may be person affiliated with program partner or global IAEOU team member.

Benefits: project coordinator/manager for the elements and person on the ground (face time).


4. Skilling: Bootcamp delivered by IAEOU over 1 week in country – help skill businesses and local partners, online skilling 3 modules (crowd, go to market roadmap, online sales) – available on demand.

Benefits: provides skilling in multiple modalities for the businesses, local partner and mentors. 


5. Role models: Identified with local partner and packaged (video/print) – target 2 role models/region.

Benefits: builds resources that can be shared locally and globally – Export Winners.


6. Export Guides (mentors) Dual guide approach: one in local market plus one in target export market.

Benefits: powerful resource for ventures to gain insights, experience, and sales leads. Network of collaborative resources to increase trade, export and expertise.  


7. Video support/Guide Each business will get assistance in preparing a crowd video for a campaign they launch.

Benefits: expands the marketing and sales capability of the business – for most new channel.


8. Go to market toolkit Each participant will get access/use tools and templates designed by IAEOU for learners including : Social contracts (with mentors), GTM roadmap, checklists, mentor aides.

Benefits: provides practical tools for learners, mentors and program partners – will make scaling easier.  


To learn more about our export accelerator, please contact Lisa.