Kickstart your venture with crowdfunding

Kickstart your next venture with strategic crowdfunding assistance from IAEOU. Acquiring financial backing and introducing product to a market can be a daunting and confusing process. At IAEOU, we aim to help entrepreneurs achieve their startup objectives through in-house capabilities, typically only available to a selected few with the right resources. From assistance with your initial MVP strategy, product evaluation, to crowdfund copy and marketing, we can help.

How will you acquire users? Do you have an exit strategy? What is your market potential? These are questions that every aspiring entrepreneur should be asking themselves, however more often than not, they simply get overlooked.

4 Benefits to partnering with IAEOU

  1. Training aid for ventures and mentors on assessing venture at start of program
  2. Multiple dimensions reinforced with questions, how to assess, next steps, etc.
  3. Best crowdfunding practices and platform selection
  4. Mentorship throughout your initial seed funding round

“When you kickstart, it’s not about how fast you row, but instead the direction you row in!”


Why kickstart with a crowdfund when I can go to investors?

This is a Crowdfunding FAQ’s frequently asked question. Simply put, crowdfunding isn’t just about raising the money. It’s about exposure, drawing interest, brand awareness, positioning an idea in front of potential future users or paying customers. In all honesty, this is probably more important than the money you raise itself. Take the ABC’s Shark Tank for example. People go on the show, pitch their idea and sometime leave without striking an actual deal with a shark. However, on the flip side, they still do fairly well after the show, as they have now gained national exposure from being on TV. In many cases they even still secure funding form investors who may or may not had previously known about them.

The end game is, crowdfunding works! If nothing else, you gain exposure, product visibility, invaluable feedback, and financial support along the way.